Top SEO copywriting tips for higher Google rankings

Top SEO copywriting tips for higher Google rankings

Author: Copywriting 4 U

If you are running a business website and this website brings in money then of course you want to get into top Google rankings. To do this it is important to include keywords linking to your website products or services. However while this is important, readability for your viewers should not in any way be sacrificed. One of the best practises that a great SEO copywriter will have is the ability to bring both together and provide you with compelling keyword content.

Here are some tips for great SEO copywriting whether you are hiring a professional freelance copywriter to work for you or you wish to try your hand at being an SEO copywriter yourself.

  • one of the most important places for your keyword is in the title of the article of content. Preferably this should grab the attention of the reader and get them to want to carry on reading the article. Dull titles can put off people as after all first impressions count for a lot;
  • your keyword should also be included in the opening paragraph of the content in a way that makes sense and of course it should fit in naturally. Your opening paragraph is generally the introduction to your content so this should also be catchy and completely relevant to whatever you are enticing the reader into buying;
  • to ensure that your content and message continues to flow throughout the content it is also a good idea to use sub-headings in your content. This will break up the copy which readers and search engines like. Bullet points are also another great way to break up the content, particularly if the content is over 300 or so words;
  • once you have your percentage of keywords included in your content you can also add it related words and phrases relevant to the rest of your content;
  • ensure that you are specific throughout your copy, this will allow for dynamic copy which the reader will not feel is there to pull the wool over their eyes;
  • do not forger the whole purpose of why you have a website full of content, this is of course to turn viewers into customers, generally. Therefore ensure that your copy leads them and persuades them into buying whatever you are selling;
  • finally also ensure that there is a great conclusion or ending to the content on the page. There is nothing worse than reading a page of content that keeps you enthralled only to get to the bottom of the page and be let down. Therefore, finish off as you start with great compelling content.

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